Once upon a time a boy met a girl

Boy meets girl dating

Layer after layer of calm settled in. But what do you know, that mom's dad was right that last summer when he looked her right in the eyes and told her it wasn't her decision. Those parents began to not only accept, but to bask in the the beauty of it all. And second, that boy was hers. Then went and changed clothes and headed up into the gorgeous Utah mountains for a picnic.

At first that mother wouldn't even talk to the boy when he brought marriage up. Something solid and beautiful and good but something that scared her spitless.

They had been talking through all the details of the surprise that boy was giddy to pull off, and were waiting anxiously for news. The story of the joyous engagement of a boy and a girl who are madly in love.

She fit right

And those parents gradually came to realize that the smile on their son's face when he spoke of that girl was there for a reason. She fit right in and the whole family loved her right from the start. At random times and various occasions, at the grocery store and driving a carpool, in a work meeting or in an unrelated conversation. And then all the jumping for joy broke out, right there on the bay with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop.

And right from the start, the boy started smiling like he never had before. The boy's family was in California for Fall Break when this was all happening. After a while, the boy, liking the girl more than he could express, brought her home to meet his family. Once upon a time a boy met a girl.

They both thought long and hard about it, fasted and prayed and went to the temple, and decided December is what they wanted. He got it re-set and in a simply beautiful setting and somehow it makes those parents feel even more connected and a part of it all.

And those parents gradually came to

And she knew there was something different about this. And once they got there, blanket laid out in that gorgeous spot, she also thought it was quite peculiar that he wasn't eating. Then the girl sent that boy a message, which happened to come in right as the boy happened to be looking for a date for that evening.

All the while there was some interesting work going on behind the scenes. She made their son's heart shine. They went back to the girl's apartment where that boy had snuck in before and laid out all kinds of her favorite treats and some notes and pictures and flowers on her bed. She could feel the seriousness of that relationship in her bones. Those angels blanketed peace over the parents of that boy.

And she didn't think she could ever let him go. So he asked her if she would come along.