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Yo ladies, oh how I like to hump thee. Lloyd has a face of an old purto rican man selling corn on the cobb from his bicycle. MzDetermined It is just your birthday D. Her writing credits include multiple tracks on the platinum-selling Danity Kane album Welcome to the Dollhouse. Andrea and Dawn always seem to carry themselves with some class.

This news effects me no matter how long I knew him.

Like things happen

Woods not your wedding booboo. So there's no reason to hold any grudges. London Marie Sound like a sweet girl. That dude does kinda favor Jay Z Sharonda It look like there was no theme. Aubrey looks like a bootlegged version of Paula Abdul in her straight up days.

They cited what they felt was a lack of individuality and excitement left within the group. Like things happen for a reason, it's time to move on you know, chapter ends. Donnie announced his August release date a couple of days ago too. Happy Birthday D but I have seen you look better. ThatCarmen Aubrey needs to be Diddy slapped.

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Woods has always seemed like such a good, genuine person. Come on over and join in doing the hump. She was also featured in the film Stomp the Yard that same year. Woods, but yesterday I read that they broke up.