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So it just kind of worked out that after Bratz, I sort of fell into the Disney family. So pretty much the entire show, it's all of us lying to each other, and kind of everything backfiring, and us getting caught in awkward situations. In the second half of our exclusive two-part interview with Chelsea, she talks about the relationship between the various roles and offers a brief preview of J. You just want to cuddle up with them.

Disney seems like a great organization to get into. And then like two weeks after I wrapped Bratz, I auditioned for J. Chelsea and her former boyfriend started the relationship in February and separated later.

Blueskin was taken to England in the Scorpion. The actress previously worked at Valley Youth Theatre.

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But a tenth-year graduate student has probably been around the university longer than any untenured professor. We dated for like two years laughs. And the show should be released in June.