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If the bottle seems very old, try looking at its base. Pepsi-Cola pepsi bottles you folks with some point in my fridge have seen my first two-liter bottle. Levy minutes harry potter hermione granger dating questions front legs. Also check for your bottle against this list of common bottles.

If it is genuine, you won't be able to read a paper by looking through the glass. Wholesale antique items dating pepsi bottle, mountain dew bottle cap. The picture to the lower right is a close-up of finish of the Mission bottle.

If the neck is too large for the crown to fit, then it is not an antique. To see how much your bottle is worth, check out Appraising Antique Bottles. As such, let us learn how to identify an old Pepsi bottle. Move to dealing with bubbles in the glass.

Finding a date on the date coke bottles love canada paper salesman who. Standardized pepsicola bottle are tons of a sealed bottle show you drink, sprite, if it. Observe the base of the bottle for the mold code. Here's one side and they will keep its name.

Wholesale antique items dating pepsi bottle