Choose the traditional mode

Dell printer setup is updating your system

This option describes the driver incompatible

Enter your Wi-Fi network access password. Before you read this slightly more complex steps, you can try to use automatically way to update printer drivers.

Choose the pervious system. This interface reminds you to choose the problems description. DriverAssist only ever has official drivers.

The fist one option will not solve your problem. This option describes the driver incompatible problem. All previous steps are to detect the issue and prepare to install the incompatible drivers. The process will continue several seconds. There is an important thing you need to do is to keep your printer running.

Setting up a Wi-Fi-capable printer can also help to de-clutter your workspace by allowing you to avoid long, snaking printer cables. It will tell you the printer installation is complete.

The fist one option

People use printer to print documents, copy files, send files and do other things. So how to solve the incompatible drivers problem to make printer work is necessary. DriverAssist automatically identifies your hardware.