It happens in my own country, too

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Trainees live together in a regulated environment and spend many hours a day learning music, dance, foreign languages and other skills in preparation for their debut. Concepts can also be divided between general concepts and theme concepts, such as cute or fantasy. By no means do I hold America on any higher of a platform than Korea.

Because racism exists literally everywhere. To choreograph a dance for a song requires the writers to take the tempo into account.

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This means that the original form of language is still hard to be altered. Consequently, K-pop choreographers have to simplify movements. Because of the unique combination of styles and techniques used in Kpop routines, fans take great interest in recreating or covering routines.

This look was nearly impossible to gain naturally, giving rise to the popularity of circle contact lenses, plastic surgeries, and skin-whitening products. An interview with Kpop choreographer Rino Nakasone lends insight into the process of creating routines.

The training and preparation necessary for Kpop idols to succeed in the industry and dance successfully is intense. Although the country lacks trained demographers, accurate data on household registration, migration, and births and deaths are available to North Korean authorities. You look up to see an adult woman standing, fists clenched with a pout on her face while stomping her feet. You watch a man walk solemnly walk over to the woman. This is a real life situation that took place on the streets of Itaewon.

The woman stomps her feet a few more times, curtly turns around and walks away. Sometimes sub-units or sub-groups are formed among existing members. On the contrary, older women in Korea are absolutely incredible and resilient.